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The Crypto Accounting software tailored for accountants

Seamlessly Integrate Cryptocurrency into Your Workflow: Our platform empowers accountants and bookkeepers to merge the world of digital assets with their preferred accounting software, ensuring precision, compliance, and simplicity.

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Maintain your trusted workflow

No need for a steep learning curve. Seamlessly integrate our platform with your preferred accounting software, whether it’s Xero, or QuickBooks, (NetSuite and others like Sage to come later).

Multiple sources integration


Centralized exchanges

Effortlessly sync with Kraken, Binance (and more to come).


Directly integrate transactions from various wallet addresses.

Multiple chains

Stellar, Solana, Polkadot, Bitcoin (and more to come).



Comprehensive tracking of swaps, lending, borrowing, and liquidity margins.



Seamlessly manage all your NFT transaction activities.

Stay ahead of your clients’ needs.

Elevate your accounting with our platform: a seamless link to digital assets, transforming crypto transaction management.

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Empowering Collaboration: Seamless Crypto Accounting for Professionals and Their Clients

KwickBit is your all-in-one solution for navigating intricate crypto transactions. Gather, reconcile, and integrate – all centralized and accessible wherever you go.

Client driven transaction import

Your clients can take the lead by importing their transactions and labeling them with terms they understand. This reduces back-and-forths and sets a clear foundation for you to work on.

Dedicated client workspaces

For each of your clients, create an individualized workspace to keep transactions organized and distinct. Plus, effortlessly grant access to your accounting colleagues as needed, promoting collaboration and efficiency.

Unparalleled transparency

With our platform, the entire process is laid bare. Every reconciliation, every transaction detail is visible to both accountant and client, fostering trust and ensuring everyone is informed every step of the way. No more guessing or endless email chains; transparency is at its peak.

Save time and money with every transaction

In-depth reconciliation details

Dive deep into each transaction. Whether you need a detailed breakdown or a client requires a quick overview, all the information is readily accessible.

Direct transaction reconciliation

As the accountant, take charge of reconciling cryptocurrency transactions within our platform. With intuitive tools, push reconciliations directly to your accounting software with unmatched accuracy.

Instant link to chart of accounts

A simple click lets anyone view how a transaction reflects across all charts of accounts in the accounting software.

Robust Reporting Features for both accountants and clients

Accounting Reports

Seamlessly generate and export ledgers tailored for prominent accounting and audit vendors.

Proof of funds reports

Display the origins of your finances, covering both fiat and cryptocurrency. This transparency is vital for both internal understanding and external verifications.

In-depth position analysis

Delve into DeFi positions, detailing original deposits, asset value changes, and the interplay between rewards and impermanent loss.


Our reports guarantee tax compliance, validate financial integrity to authorities, and offer key insights into company performance.

DeFi Position Snapshots

Obtain a comprehensive view of your DeFi engagements. From liquidity pools and staking to yield farming, lending, and borrowing, our reports provide a complete picture.


Simple, transparent pricing

No contracts. No surprise fees.


€19,99 /month


For most businesses that want to otpimize web queries


€49,99 /month


For most businesses that want to otpimize web queries


€99,99 /month


For most businesses that want to otpimize web queries


€199,99 /month


For most businesses that want to otpimize web queries

€29,99 /month


For most businesses that want to otpimize web queries

€79,99 /month


For most businesses that want to otpimize web queries


€99,99 /month


For most businesses that want to otpimize web queries

€299,99 /month


For most businesses that want to otpimize web queries


What Kwickbit do for me?

KwickBit consolidates all your on-chain and exchange transactions in a single location. From there, you can easily integrate these transactions with your accounting software.

If a network isn’t currently supported by KwickBit and transactions can’t be automatically retrieved from the blockchain, you have the option to manually input them. You’ll be responsible for inputting the fiat value at the time of the transaction. Be aware that the asset’s valuation won’t auto-update; you’ll need to adjust the values as necessary, such as when you’re generating a profit and loss report.

To manually enter transactions, navigate to “Source” -> “Add Source” -> “Custom CSV”.

With KwickBit, clients can independently upload and label transactions, though they can’t push these to your accounting software without your permission. They can track transaction statuses, from pending sync to completion. Once you’ve addressed transactions in your accounting system, clients can identify the specific account allocation. This eliminates the need for constant email check-ins and CSV clarifications, making the process efficient for both of you.
The exchange API keys we interact with typically grant “read-only” access. This means we can retrieve your client’s trades, but can’t modify his/her account or execute transactions. Likewise, when your client links a wallet with a public key, we can only see its transaction history. Without the private key, we can’t alter transactions or transfer crypto. We prioritize your security and privacy.
KwickBit is designed to help accountants navigate most crypto transaction scenarios effortlessly, ensuring you don’t miss out on potential clients.

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